Whether or not you've got email problems, you're probably dying to try Gmail's little electronic mail solution, Inbox. It's been tough to get an invite, but today the product team will guarantee your invite between 3 and 4PM PST.

All you need to do is send an email at 3PM (or 6PM EST) to inbox@google.com. That's it. Gmail says it will send you an invite within an hour, or by 5PM, guaranteed:


It's a pretty sweet way to renew the hype around the service, which launched two weeks ago and has proven pretty damn useful so far. Share your impressions with us below—and if you need a primer, check out our tips.

Update: It looks like the Inbox request email is full, and Inbox is asking that you send another email if yours bounced. They're still guaranteeing your invite if you send it before 4 PST:


Update #2 Your hour is up, but if you haven't received your invite yet, fret not: