Gmail, Yahoo, and Comcast Users Also Caught in Web Mail Phishing Scam

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As you may have heard, about 10,000 Hotmail passwords were leaked online yesterday, and that list only started with the letters A and B. At that rate, over 100,000 users could have been lured into giving their passwords to fake Websites. Now the BBC says it's seen a list on the same Website that had more than 20,000 email accounts—this time with addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Earthlink, and AOL.


The New York Times says Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have confirmed the addresses are real, and that they're helping affected users recover their accounts.

Even though you generally have to be pretty damn gullible to fall for one of these fake sites (or open strange-looking email attachments), now might be a good time to change your Web mail password...something you should be doing every now and then anyway. [BBC via New York Times]

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That is why I only send communications with a pen and paper since this information superhighway stuff is just too trixy. Don't be a geek - toss that computer into your bathtub and set your spirit free!

Or, sure - use different passwords for each site, change them regularly, and don't fall for emails with bad grammar with a link asking you to adjust your Gmail password that connects you to an IP address in Guatemala.

Tossing the computer in the bathtub is more fun, though.