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Gmail's Getting a Whole New Look To Match Google+

Illustration for article titled Gmails Getting a Whole New Look To Match Google+

Google is on a roll this week. It took the tech world by storm with Google+, freshened up the user interface of Google Calendar and just unleashed a new design for Gmail.


Jump into Gmail, hop to your settings and check out the two new themes (Preview and Preview Dense) you can try on for size. Not surprisingly, they make Gmail look a lot like Google+.


This new look is just a preview of what is to come. Google is working on a whole new interface that you can customize for your screen size and personal taste. [Google via The Next Web]

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Those new themes are so chunky, everything seems to be the same size, just more spaced out. I like that red-y colour Google's been splashing everywhere (did Gizmodo have an article on Google looking different? Because if so, I missed that), but not at the expense of everything looking "off". 'New Blue' for me.