How many airbags can car manufacturers stuff into their vehicles? Trick question! When it comes to my safety during rare automobile accident, the only correct answer is "whatever it takes to produce an impervious airbag marshmallow around my person."

This latest airbag design manages to fit some extra protection into the driver side seat itself by way of a bulbous tongue-looking thing that bursts out the side and up in the event of an accident.


The design is a specialize one, meant to protect heads during especially deadly "t-bone" collisions when the impact arrives on the side opposite the driver. These accidents account for about 11% of accident fatalities and, while rare like the rollover, are targeted by this airbag's tubular, driver seat-mounted design.

The airbag took about three of research in the GM labs and should begin to appear in select SUV trucks in 2013. [GM via DVICE]

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