With Twitter’s recently revamped security dashboard rolling out to all of its 302 million users, there’s no time like the present to run a quick audit of your account security—and checking up on the devices and apps associated with your Twitter profile is a key part of that.

From your Twitter timeline click on your avatar (top right) then choose Settings. The newly added entry on the menu is labeled Your Twitter data—follow the link, confirm your password and you can see a list of recent logins together with the devices used.


There’s no option to log out or block any apps from this screen, but if you see some suspicious activity that you don’t recognize then it’s worth changing your password and switching on two-step verification (via the Password and Security and password tabs of the menu on the left).

Click Apps to see all of the apps and sites you’ve logged into using your Twitter credentials. Here you can revoke access with a click—there’s no direct harm in using your Twitter account in this way, but the fewer third-party apps and services you’re linked to, the less vulnerable you are to an attack if one of these connected apps is hacked.


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