God Bless Xbox: Microsoft's E3 News Roundup

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E3 hasn't even officially started yet, and we're guessing Microsoft's already blown it out: Project Natal's motion controls seem downright incredible, full games like Mass Effect are going on demand, and Twitter and Facebook have infected Xbox Live. It's overwhelming! Here's everything you missed today:

Xbox 360 Project Natal: Full-Body Motion Control One-Ups the Wii: Microsoft's motion control project is revealed, and it looks pretty amazing. I wonder if Project Natal's really gonna be that incredible in person though. The live demo was kinda convincing!


Project Natal Intro Videos Show Real Controller-Free Interction (Video): Project Natal's motion controls in action, again looking fancy. Hopefully not just Hollywood magic.

Xbox Live Full Retail Games on Demand: Download Mass Effect, Bioshock and More: It's the beginning of the end for Gamestop and manufacturers of shiny plastic discs, since come August you'll be able to download full Xbox 360 games like Bioshock and Assassin's Creed.

Netflix Lets You Add to Queue on Xbox, Video Store Gets 1080p: Your PC is removed from the Netflix process, making it that much better, and the video store is now Zune Marketplace, which streams 1080p video instantly.


Facebook and Twitter Come to Xbox Live This Fall: Facebook! Twitter! Xbox Live!


Xbox Live Spillover: New Avatars, Where's Hulu and Why I Hope You Have Fast Internet: Microsoft's figured out how to milk Avatars for money, Xbox Live's Marc Whitten sorta dodged the Hulu question, and you need a really fat pipe to get that 1080p instant streaming video action from Zune Marketplace.


Last.fm Brings Streaming Music to Xbox Live: Last.fm on Xbox, weeee.


Halo 3 ODST Collector's Edition Controller: There's an exclusive Halo 3 ODST controller bundled with the $99 collection's edition, 'cause you didn't already have 4 Xbox controllers, right?


Overall, a pretty crazy day, and we have a feeling Microsoft might've already stolen the show. What do you think?


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