Good guy Ron Perlman reprises his Hellboy role for a very special audience of one

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It's not Hellboy 3 but it's a scene that warms our Hellboy-loving hearts. Ron Perlman donned the red makeup again not for a movie or a promotional event, but to fulfill a young boy's Make-a-Wish dreams.

Young Zachary's heart's desire was to meet Hellboy and become Hellboy himself. The Make-a-Wish foundation made it happen, having Zachary and his family meet a made-up Perlman down at the makeup effects studio Spectral Motion. Perlman, ever the good sport, ordered up a "Hellboy sized" sampler of burgers, shakes, and fries for everyone involved and Zachary even got to play Hellboy himself, sitting in the Spectral Motion makeup chair and putting on the big red horn stumps.

Forget another Hellboy movie. We'll happily watch 90 minutes of Ron Perlman cheering up sick kids — maybe with a cat or two for good measure.


Make a Wish day with Zachary [Spectral Motion Facebook via Geekologie]