Currently, the Google Assistant’s new mask song is still in the very early stages of its rollout, so it’s very possible the assistant in your device may have not learned it just yet. At the time of writing, I’ve tested five different devices including three phone phones, a smart display, and a Nest Mini, and none of them had learned the song. So in the meantime, here are the lyrics in case you want to sing along on your own:

When in public, wear a mask

Just a teeny, weeny task

It helps keep us safe and sound

Health and care, all around

On your mouth and on your nose

Good to cover both of those

Right now, it’s unclear what the official command for getting the Google Assistant to sing the mask song will be, because so far, people have mostly encountered the GA’s new tune after simply saying “Hey Google, sing me a song,” and then having Google pick the mask song automatically.


However, following a recent increase in outbursts from people like this man in Arizona who continue to rail against policies and regulations instructing people to wear masks, any help, even a relatively cute plea from a digital assistant is a good thing.

[Update: 2:10 PM ET] The Google Assistant’s mask song appears to be rolling out rather quickly, as it just showed up on my Google smart display and multiple Android devices, with the specific command to play the song being “Hey Google, play the mask song.”