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Google's mobile web interface for Buzz is technically impressive, in that it behaves more or less like a native app. Cool, guys! But in use, it's just too slow. Buzzie, the first native Buzz iPhone app, helps pick up Google's slack.


As the first iPhone app for Buzz, Buzzie gets a lot right. The minimalist UI recalls the classier breed of Twitter apps, like Tweetie, why the local and map views are a treat to see rendered natively, in the app and on a Google Map, respectively. My only reservations? I don't see a way to post images in a new Buzz, which is kind of a big deal for avid users. That, and I've found that even when I check the "Remember Me" box, I'm sometimes logged out when the app starts up.


If you're a serious Buzz user, Buzzie will make your life easier. (But honestly, who the hell is?) If you're not, the $2 price—a promotion, even—is just too steep. [TheNextWeb]

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