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Google Co-Founder's Lessons In Cellphone Etiquette

Illustration for article titled Google Co-Founders Lessons In Cellphone Etiquette

Google's Larry Page gives us a lesson in cellphone faux pas by ignoring poor onetime movie mogul, Barry Diller, for a PDA. Actually, he doesn't just ignore the man, he flat-out lets him know that the gadget is more important.


While in a meeting with the Google boys, Diller had this exchange after questioning Page's inattentiveness:

"I said to Larry, ‘Is this boring?' "

"No. I'm interested. I always do this," Page said.

"Well, you can't do this," Diller said. "Choose."

"I'll do this," Page said matter-of-factly, not lifting his eyes from his handheld device.


Youch. Wonder what app had Page's attention. [New Yorker via Valleywag]

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Benny Gesserit

I had a similar experience with three of our systems architects. They, one of our business people and I were in a meeting and they proceeded to talk into their laptops. When it was obvious the business person was fuming, I signaled her we were leaving and said "We came to meet with you, not the top of your heads. Call us when you need to ask for funds again. Oh, one of you is going RADICALLY bald but, you're all smart boys so you'll figure out which one." #google