Google Confirms They're Testing a "Mobile Lab" Device

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A post on the Official Google Blog confirms the company is currently "dogfooding" a "mobile lab" device. Beyond that, we're still in the dark, but it all falls in line with what we heard before. Updated:


Google isn't saying much, but the way the post ends with "We hope to share more after our dogfood diet" suggests that there's something coming. It's much more coy than their usual outright denials (by the way, Google, what about those?).

TechCrunch is reporting that the mystical Google Phone is indeed the HTC Passion we saw leaked a few weeks ago (pictured above). Our sources are calling it the Passion, too. Update: Now the Wall Street Journal is calling it the Nexus One.

Update: TmoNews is also saying that the device will be sold directly by Google, but supported by T-Mobile at launch. No word on if T-Mobile will be the exclusive carrier.

Everything keeps lining up. Judging by how fast this news is coming, I wouldn't be surprised if this thing pops up in the wild soon. [Official Google Blog via TechCrunch, TmoNews, thanks Travis]




I'm still down on the high cost of required data plans, but I'm not sure how an HTC phone running android is any more of a Google Phone than the other HTC offerings that have 'with Google' in their branding scheme. Is it just the point of sale that makes it a difference? What's the difference betwen Kohl's Dockers and Levi's store Dockers? I know where I like to shop more, but they both get wrinkled up the same.

Further, HTC and Apple need to take some pointers from the Gizmodo-proclaimed graveyard of smartphones when it comes to cameras. If they did a camera like Sony-Ericsson, Nokia or even Samsung I'd be a lot more excited about their offerings. Some like to say that they are not supposed to be a full fledged camera but why make an all around device that can't do everything as well as the 'worst' in the field. (proud N79 owner)