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Google Drive Is Down (But How You Can Access Your Files Anyway) (Updated)

Illustration for article titled Google Drive Is Down (But How You Can Access Your Files Anyway) (Updated)

If you're opening Google Drive to a blank screen and/or server error message, you're not alone. Despite Google's Apps Status Dashboard's encouraging green dots, everyone we've spoken to seems to be running into the same problem.


Fortunately, you can still access Google Drive from the desktop app and via mobile. The search box as well as direct links, should you happen to have one lying around, can also take you to your desired page.

Update 3:06 PM

Google's App Status Dashboard is now marking Google Drive as experiencing a disruption.


Update 3:15 PM

Although Google's App Status Dashboard still claims otherwise, everything seems to be back up and working.

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Everyone breakout MS Word. What's that you say? You don't have it because you believe in the cloud. Right, because the cloud is several times more reliable to getting work done except for the few times it konks out. Usually the most critical time.