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Google Earth is available on Android! (Isn't is weird that this didn't happen earlier? It's been on the iPhone for a year! Anyway.) The catch? For now, it only works on the Nexus One, which basically nobody owns. Don't worry, Droiders: Soon.


For now, Google Earth will only work on handsets with Android 2.1, which effectively limits it to the Nexus One. The good news is that the Droid, and some older HTC handsets, are due for a 2.1 upgrade relatively soon. The bad news is that even Google can't even escape Android's increasingly worrying fragmentation problem with its own apps, on its own operating system. This doesn't bode well.

Anyway, the app looks almost exactly like it does on the iPhone, meaning that you get to play God with a barren, lifeless Earth, in full 3D, with your fingers. Oh, and there's voice navigation! So there's that. [AndroidGuys]

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