Google Earth image reveals The Hunger Games' Quarter Quell

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We've seen snippets of what's to come in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, but we haven't gotten a good look at the big bad obstacle course — until now. A couple of fans snagged a snap of the entire set thanks to Google Earth, and it looks like the sequel spared no expense creating the hell depicted in the second book.

Warning: spoilers ahead...

Thanks to Twitter user Whedonite96, we now have a satellite image of the entire island from the Quarter Quell. In the post apocalyptic world of Panem, the Quarter Quell takes place every 25th year of the Hunger Games. It's a no-limits version of the original games, in which anything can happen and anyone can be called into the games — including old tributes. This QQ takes place on a giant donut-shaped island, with the Cornucopia lagoon smack dab in the center. This aerial shot shows the Cornucopia and the surrounding beach. It's completely amazing, and we're exceptionally happy that great pains are being taken to recreate this particularly difficult arena. Let's just hope they can hold the camera steady long enough so we can truly appreciate the effort.


Here's a fabulous breakdown of the island from Deviant Artist Alternatecoppa.

We only have one lingering question: Will they turn the sky pink?

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