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Google Earth Is Finally Coming To Android

Illustration for article titled Google Earth Is Finally Coming To Android

The Nexus One is here, and it brings gifts: Google Earth, a fantastic app that was inexplicably released for the iPhone before its parent company's mobile OS, is coming to the App Market.


So how is it better than Google Earth on the iPhone? Voice search. Just say where you want to go. And we're betting the whole experience is a bit smoother thanks to the Nexus One's oomphier internals.

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While the voice search is a nice addition, I keep finding that Android apps just aren't as nice as their iPhone equivalents (see Evernote for example) both in interface and in capabilities.

It's really frustrating to me since I want to get the Nexus One, but I already have a lot of iPod Touch apps that I use on a regular basis and don't want to give up for worse alternatives (I <3 Tweetie 2.0).

Furthermore the plethora of Android devices is going to make it really difficult to create the same kind of game marketplace that the iPhone has. Different sensors and screen sizes is going to be a hassle for developers.