Google GPhone Phone May Have Gbutton, Gcheap Price

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Though some believe that Google is building a full-featured GPhone to rival Windows Mobile, there is speculation that the GPhone may actually be a lot simpler. A report from USA Today says Google is aiming to keep pricing low with low-tech phones equipped with something called a "Gbutton."


According to the story:

Richard Doherty, research director at The Envisioneering Group, says Google is driving toward getting device makers to produce basic handsets equipped with a "Gbutton" that takes users right to a Google texting screen. The goal: Get GPhone texters in the habit of querying its vast databases for directions, phone numbers, movie times or restaurant tips and woo advertisers to sponsor GPhone-delivered answers, Doherty says.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Choudhry says that even with a browser and email, the GPhone "would probably sell at a fraction of the price of an iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Palm Treo or Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphone."

While we're excited to see what the Gbutton is all about, we're a little afraid of how involved the carriers might be in GPhone rollout. Of course, when Google does sign a deal with a carrier, it will be a little hard to tell who is selling their soul to whom. [USA Today/Yahoo]



I dont like it, I expect low tech phones to be a fraction of the latest nokia or iphone.. Putting advertisements in the thing should make it next to nothing.

Unless i get cheaper service, i wont go near it.. I dont really give a crap about the price of the handset.