Google is Focusing its Chrome OS Efforts on Netbooks, Rather Than Tablets

Illustration for article titled Google is Focusing its Chrome OS Efforts on Netbooks, Rather Than Tablets

Even with tablets ruling the IFA show last week, Google still thinks the future is with netbooks—well, for Chrome OS anyway. In an interview with TechRadar, a Google product manager confirmed they are prioritizing netbooks at the moment.


Anders Sandholm, senior product manager, said that what they "are focusing on is netbooks in terms of form-factor and providing a really good experience for that," going on to say that at its heart Chrome OS is an "open source project and there are different experiments in things like touch and other form-factors."

It's still expected that Chrome OS will be ready for manufacturers by the end of the year, with products ready to show off next year—presumably at CES in January. If you've had your heart set on a Chrome OS tablet (rather than an Android tablet), I wouldn't be too discouraged—there will no doubt be a plethora to choose from, but it's interesting Google themselves think it's better suited to netbooks. [TechRadar]


t('-'t)....The Unpronounceable (KTope)

From the small amount I've read and seen of Chrome OS, it's basically just a web browser.

My question is, what's the fucking holdup??

We have been hearing about this for YEARS, can we get a release already? How about just a Windows based version so everyone can try it out before committing to a hard drive partition?