Google Is Streaming Results, No Search Button Required

Some users have reported that they're now seeing results streaming as they type from the Google homepage, before they click "Search." That might explain today's new doodle, and will likely be a major part of Google's event later today. UPDATED:

The video above was posted in the forums at, and clearly shows results popping up before the query has even been completed. In this case the search comes from Google UK; it's unclear if the function has hit the US yet (none of us has seen it). But clearly it's on Google CEO Eric Schmidt's mind:

I predict big things happening today at Google. We're already fast.. fast is about to get faster.Wed Sep 08 14:52:22 via web

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Eric Schmidt

Along with Scribe, streaming results shows that Google's clearly making a big predictive push. And looking to banish the "Search" button to the same obsolescence as "I'm Feeling Lucky."

UPDATE: Looks like the service, called Google Instant, is officially here. Jason's got the full scoop live from the event. [Search Engine Roundtable]



anyone else not a big fan of the most recent version of google image search? i think i preferred to have a page fully load and have everything neatly displayed instead of having a whole mess of thumbnails that keep having to load every time i have to scroll a tiny bit