Google Odur Will Search for Soulmates

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Trouble with the ladies? Well it's not for your lack of trying, I'm quite certain. Women who aren't interested in World of Warcraft can't be worth your time anyway. Still, if the constant pang of rejection is starting to takes its toll and you need a hand, look no further, Google Eau de Toilette will have you sorted.


It is guaranteed to make you more appealing than Brad Pitt dosed in pheromones at a fantasy, panty pillow-fight party. If you had problems with women in the first instance your sure to have them after too; fending off the horny hoards of scantily clad, busty babes won't be easy. Get your bottle now! That is, er, if you can find any... [Random Good Stuff]



AT LAST!!! Finally an end to the slaps in the face, drinks on the heads and snickering behind hands. Now, with Google cologne I'll have to beat them off with a stick! Thanks google, you're a life saver.