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Google OS (??)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not sure what you all are up to this fine afternoon, but I'm peeing my pants. GoogleOS? True? False? Wha? Why didn't I see this in July?

I mean this is probably just a KDE-based Linux hack/proof-of-concept thing, but it is quite hawt. [Thanks, Daniel]

Primi screenshot per GoogleOS [Grooan]

UPDATE - Simone offers a full translation. Looks like an embedded OS. A BIG FAKE! Not so much a fake as an homage. Oh well.

It is based on GNU/Linux with a HURD/Googled kernel and it is supposed to come in three releases: Embedded, Portable and Corporate.
This OS basically relies on the idea of a Remote-OS: the kernel and the boot components are loaded in a chip or in a proper 2GB usb key, while all the remaining apps will be downloaded from a secure Google server.
The LSI chip has been made for an easy integration in some next-gen motherboards, making possible the creation of Google-based machines which will be able to act as a cluster node and share the load of work.
The USB device, instead, will let users boot their favourite system directly from the key (and that
s quite obvious). The data will be encrypted with a public GPGP key and made safe from possible abuses. Rumours tell that the system will be able to seek for local and remote devices and create a dedicated storage area on the user
s HD (as some Live Linux Distro does).
The third option, called corporate, will let companies install a local cabinet in order to avoid waste of band.
The pre-installed applications are absolutely minimal and will only consist of a File Manager, a spreadsheet, a text editor, a schedule and the Google Suite containing e-mail client, browser and IM.
The system was tested with success on a Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz 256 mb RAM: the boot was fast, easy and the most part of the connected devices were automatically detected and installed. The XML- based menus seemed to be pretty familiar and easy-to-use. The tried build was the 1381 (just like the main Win NT4 release!). Result? A bit buggy but extremely close to a proper Release Candidate.