Google Street View Captures Victorian Ghost Walking in Cardiff

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This creepy image was snapped by Google for its Street View map feature. It shows what seems to be a floating Victorian ghost in Cardiff, right near the Torchwood headquarters.

According to the Telegraph, "experts" have been called in to analyze the photograph, because so many unsolved murders happened in this square over the centuries. A medium is quoted as saying the image is clearly a ghost, because no contemporary woman would ever dress like this. So for evidence we have retro fashion, and a blurry area that makes the woman's legs appear cut off. I say call in the Winchester brothers to investigate this one.

What I love about stories like this is how they demonstrate that Google maps have so quickly been woven into urban legends. Remember the story we ran a few weeks ago about the lost island of Atlantis showing up in Google Earth images of the bottom of the Ocean? And there was another story about an alien showing up in a Google maps image from New Jersey. Want to find support for your superstition or fringe beliefs? Just Google for them in Maps! That's all the proof you need.