Google Voice Finally Gets Updated for iOS 6

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It's been over two months since Apple released iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 and Google has just now updated Google Voice.

I mean, finally. We're on the second public build of iOS 6 with a third version having been released to devs earlier this month and pretty much halfway to June, which is, presumably when we'll see iOS 7 for the first time at WWDC. Google Translate hasn't been updated either but it's probably not that popular amongst the iOS crowd.

Unfortunately Google isn't exactly alone, because many apps have been slow to update for that four inches of a taller screen. Zipcar, Bing, and Nike+ Running are a couple of notable examples, although at this point, most major apps seem to be on board.


It's pretty laughable that one of its most used products has taken this long, which is probably a strategic move, but it's an annoying one for iPhone users. [App Store]