Google Wants to Kill Yelp With a Dose of NFC

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What will the first official use be for the near-field communication tech found in Google's new Nexus S phone? It will provide a quick way to rate restaurants and businesses in the Portland, OR area using their new Hotpot engine.

Google is sending kits out to companies in the northwestern US city, which will contain window stickers embedded with NFC sensors. When anyone in the city with a Nexus S holds the phone up to the sticker, it will automatically launch the corresponding listing on Google Places, where they can rate and review the location in question.


This "so easy, a cave man could do it" system for reviewing restaurants seems very much intended to usurping the power of Yelp, which requires strenuous activity, such as tapping and typing, when trying to review things on the go. So if you see a sticker that looks like a graphic above, get to reviewing—you might just win yourself a dinner for 10. [Google via The Next Web]

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so it'll be a feature that will only work for people with nexus s phones who happen to be living in Portland, OR... sounds like it's trying too hard. I've got Urban Spoon on my iPod, and it gives me everything I need.

...besides, what if a company chooses not to comply? It only seems like popular restaurants would want to do this, not all.