Google's Coming to the Rescue on

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The "tech surge" that President Obama promised to fix the very broken portal just got a lot more tech-savvy. According to Bloomberg, companies like Google, Oracle and Red Hat are now swooping in to lead the recovery effort. But is it enough? has been nothing but trouble since it launched on October 1. Seriously, there are so many problems with the website that it's hard to keep track. And, considering it's one of the first tangible results of Obamacare, the site's now-infamous failures have left the entire administration with egg on its face.


Bringing in the Silicon Valley cavalry isn't a bad idea, but it's hardly a silver bullet. One of the original problems with was that too many contractors were jockeying for control. Throwing more cooks in an already crowded kitchen—even if they're great cooks—might not be the best way to save dinner. [Bloomberg]

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