Google's Top Chef Contestant Can't Open Clams

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You wouldn't know it from her job title ("Executive Chef, Bon Appetit Management Co."), but Top Chef contestant Preeti Mistry is actually head chef of the lauded cafeteria at Googleplex. Unfortunately, her chances on Top Chef don't look too promising.


[Warning: Video clip is US-only. Sorry, foreigners.] In the first episode of the show's sixth season, which aired last Wednesday, Mistry was assigned to open 15 clams in the Quickfire relay race—sounds easy enough, except Mistry had never opened a clam before. Her leg of the relay race, the first of four, was as far as her team would get, as the winning team blasted through all four legs before Mistry could finish her clams.

She did fine in that day's Elimination Challenge, but lacking a basic skill like opening clams is a good indication that the Great Nerd Hope of this season won't be making it too far. Still, her Twitter feed shows that at least she's got a sense of humor about the situation. [Gawker]