Gotuit Video Site Launches, Brings Innovation to Hot Video Arena

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YouTube competitors are sprouting out of the woodwork, the inevitable result of that site's maniacal popularity. Now Gotuit Media launches its gambit into the television-killing arena, serving up on-demand news, sports clips, music videos, film shorts and more. The high performance of the site and some unique features might just set it one cut above its nascent competitors.

The site is only been online officially for just a few hours, yet there are already thousands of videos available. The company has made deals with program producers to sell ads between each video, which it will share with the owners of that content. The site runs a crazy-fast Flash-based video player, starting the videos immediately after you click on them, and letting you easily build up your own playlists. The quality of the video playback is damn good, too—smooth and clean. Plus, there's internal bookmarking within the clips, letting you skip from one section to the next.


Let's see what happens to the site's performance as soon as the rest of the world finds out about it. Can it scale or not? Either way, this is one to watch.

Gotuit [via TechCrunch]

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