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GPS Compass Could Make for the Grandest Treasure Hunt of All Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Allow me to geek out for a moment. I mean, really geek out—more than dressed up D&D geek out. I mean like, this is the shit you don't share with people for fear of complete social and parental ostracism.

I want to participate in a hunt for buried treasure. (Preferably lost pirate gold.)


With this concept called the EMIL Experience Outdoors, you can plot your own points on a map and its integrated GPS, instead of providing lame turn-by-turn directions, gives you north, south east and west variants of the way there.

So it feels just like you're using a compass, even though you will eventually reach a very specific endpoint. And If I have a say, that endpoint will reveal buried treasure. (Preferably lost pirate gold.)


The implications, for adventurous but tied-down-by-technology men such as myself, are nothing short of an worldwide race of 8 teams to a prize of immeasurable value. (Preferably lost pirate gold.) Far greater than some lame reality TV show, we will be confined to pre-airplane transportation, outfitted with non-lethal, non-painful weaponry, and encouraged to dress ourselves with strange disguises, sometimes posing as an attractive member of the opposite sex, to mislead our competitors.

There is my idea. Shun me at will. [Yanko Design via ubergizmo]