Graffonic Lets You Graffiti Without Being Arrested

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Vandals beware your profession is in danger of becoming obsolete. The Graffonic art system utilises a surface that detects the path of lasers that are shone upon it. Once a laser is detected by the system a trace is made upon the corresponding area. This results in a cool interactive, electronic, spray paint display. Hit the jump to see a video of a Banksy disciple going law-abiding graffiti crazy.


The possibilities are promising for such technology, but the end result will be yet more advertisements that are to eat into our busy lives. Alright, so we are doing nothing better and probably would like to see this used in advertising for our new kicks, but it may also be harmful. For example, if this had been around in the 90's, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would not have been arrested for defacing the local basketball court, in turn, he would not have been sent to Bel-Air where he bestowed upon himself the aforementioned title. The outcome? We would have lost a show that defined our comedic childhoods; the prospect alone makes us sweat with anxiety. Who knows what this may prevent in the future? Be scared readers, be very scared. [Product Page via Geeknuz].


Any similarity of Graffonic with Graffiti Research Lab projects it is not a coincidence or a secondhand idea. As you all can check ([]) the first version of Graffonic was presented at the University of Barcelona in July 2006 and developed some months before. I don't say that GRL copied Graffonic Idea and i don't say that Graffonic is copied from GRL. It is the old question of who did it before or who had the idea in first place. So, when was it presented the first version of Laser Tag from Theodore??? The new Graffonic Version adds the possibility of displaying RGB imagery and this possibility was not achieved by no one in GRL before. So Redkitten, David Sikes, Wouldpkr, Ecobore and the Woodpecker, i think you are all missing a bit information about the subject. About controlling computers with laser pointers and video tracking, the first successful attempt i know was in 2001, if needed i can post here the url.