GrafittiWriter Will Roll Up And Tag Your Neighborhood

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Meet the product that results when students get too close to paint fumes: GraffitiWriter. This guerilla marketer's dream machine is a remote controled car loaded with cans of spray paint and dot-matrix printer parts inside for printing text anonymously from a remote location. GraffitiWriter packs a microcontroller that allows the robot to print out pixelated letters on the ground and spell out words and sentences in paint. GraffitiWriter also has a top speed of 9.3MPH. One application of this robot could be used over in Iraq today for spelling out messages on the ground in dangerous areas. Another would be for Rockstar Games to start spray painting its game logos all over NYC (wait, they already do that).

This devious robot is the latest from the activist group Institute for Applied Autonomy, and comes complete with this bogus stat:

"Studies have shown that in nearly 100% of the cases, a given agent of the public will willing participate in high profile acts of vandalism, given the opportunity to do so via mediated tele-robotic technology."


GraffitiWriter [Product Page]

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