Grid Has The Organization Of A Spreadsheet Without Those Pesky Number

I've definitely used Excel for some wordy stuff. It's not blasphemous exactly, but making charts full of apartment listings, square footage, amenity notes, broker e-mail addresses, and links to photos doesn't really make use of Excel's formula wielding, number crunching prowess. But a former Excel developer who knows this dirty little secret, built an app that's all blissful spreadsheet organization, no numbers.

Created by Josh Leong, Grid allows you to put any type of multimedia into tiles of a grid that are whatever size you want. You can make grids that mix photos, text, Google Maps data, symbols, whatever. And they're sharable so you can collaborate with other users. If you've ever used a GoogleDoc to organize a group of people, this is the beautiful version of that. Grid is only for iOS right now, but at least it's free. All you visual thinkers get crackin'. [Uncrate]


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