Griffin A-Frame iPad Dock Won't Block Your Music

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Masters of Apple accessories, Griffin's A-Frame iPad stand holds your new precious in both upright and landscape formats while charging, and doesn't let the dock block the speakers, thanks to cleverly-placed grooves.


Made from brushed aluminum, it won't look too shabby propping up an iPad, which can be held comfortably even if it's wearing a case as well. It's $50 in the States, or £40 in the UK when it goes on sale next month.

Joining the initial Griffin iPad accessories announced at launch, they've also got a PowerBlock AC charger for $30, and a PowerJolt 12V power adapter for $25. [Griffin]



OK so I see how the dock will hold the thing in portrait and landscape modes, but how exactly does it charge in landscape? I mean, I see the dock connector there on the side of the ipad, but it's not connected to anything...