Griffin Apple Hi-Fi Carrying Case

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Hot off our 18-hour Apple ban—it was a long and rough night without Apple—I would like to present you with the most highly anticipated Apple accessory ever made. Remember the Hi-Fi iPod speaker system from Apple? Yeah the same speaker system that caused riots in Apple stores nationwide. The one that was being hocked for thousands of dollars on the black market because they were in such demand. Yeah, that one. Well, Griffin has released a carrying case for this speaker dock. The Griffin Hi-Way (how cute) carrying case can protect the Hi-Fi from all the elements. It includes a flap for iPod docking and pockets to hold iPod gear and batteries—you're going to need a lot if you plan on taking it away from AC power. 50 bones.

The Apple Hi-Fi takes to the Hi-Way [Gadgetell]

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You could link to a story about more Apple iPhone rumors, or how God Jobs was too busy planning a new iWorld to release products at WWDC, or how twelve old ladies were trampled to death from the millions lined up to buy new Mac desktops. Instead, the first story after an 18 hours Apple ban is a carrying case for the iPod Hi-Fi?

I am so dissapointed.