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Griffin's iTrip Auto Transmitter Now Streams Harman Aha Content

Illustration for article titled Griffins iTrip Auto Transmitter Now Streams Harman Aha Content

Drivers stuck with just an FM radio in their rides can now access Harman's Aha streaming content through Griffin's iTrip Auto transmitter. The service, which includes over 30,000 stations covering everything from music, to news, to audiobooks, has typically only been available in new vehicles or aftermarket in-dash stereos. But iTrip Auto users can now throw off the shackles of their limited local radio stations by simply downloading Aha's free iOS app and taking over an unused frequency on their dial. [Griffin]


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For the love of someone's god, spend the same money and replace your head unit.

For example:—Dash-MP3-Receiver/dp/B006KKS7XQ/