Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters Looks Really Damn Fun

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Netflix has released the first trailer for Dreamworks Trollhunters, a children’s animated series directed by the same guy whose idea of a fairy tale includes rebel torture and child murder. It’s Guillermo del Toro... for kids!

The trailer debuted at New York Comic-Con, along with a sneak peek at the first two episodes. The fantasy series is about a kid named Jim who discovers a world of trolls underneath his hometown. It’s up to Jim, his overweight best friend and the token girl to protect the good trolls against the evil ones. Oh, and did I mention Jim is the chosen one? Because he is.

It sounds silly, and doesn’t have the most original story, but it actually looks really cute. It’s big, colorful, and creative, with a lot of magical action sequences. You can really see elements of del Toro’s style in there, especially in the character designs. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Kelsey Grammer voices one of the main good trolls. That guy’s voice could stop a thousand rakes.


Check out the trailer below. Trollhunters debuts on Netflix December 23.