Guitar players will search far and wide for the perfect guitar pick, looking for one that will give them just the right bite to their sound. But few guitar players have scoured the entire solar system for that ideal strumming implement, until now. These astronomically-expensive Meteorite Guitar Picks are each unique, and are priced as if their purveyor had to personally go out into space to retrieve every one.

The Astrotone ($110) is the most popular model, shaped like a traditional guitar pick. The more triangular Enterprise ($120) is also touted as suitable for playing either guitar or bass. Then there's the odd-looking freeform "Custom Monulista Pick from Sweden" (aren't they all from space?), for a cool $135, holding the distinction as the most expensive guitar pick in the universe.


Wonder if they make the guitar sound any better. Sheesh, for half that price you can get a snazzy LED-flashing Light Pick that lights up your hand like a disco ball. Forget it—I'm a finger-picker myself.

Product Page [Meteorite Guitar Picks, via Music Thing]

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