Crunchyroll Has Quietly Launched Gundam: The Witch From Mercury's English Dub

The latest Gundam anime's excellent prologue episode is now available with English VO, for those that don't want to read during their weekly warcrimes.

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Screenshot: Crunchyroll/Sunrise

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury’s first season was one of io9's favorites last year, but if you were waiting for the series to get dubbed into English before you hopped on the high-fivin’ hype train, then good news: it looks like your time is right now.

With little in the way of fanfare (with not even an announcement of the dub’s cast, which is certainly something given Crunchyroll’s less-than-ideal relationship with dub voice actors) Crunchyroll has debuted the first episode of the new series—its “Episode 0,” titled Witch From Mercury Prologue—dubbed in English. Rolled out in a separate tab on the series’ main page on the streamer, it’s likewise unknown if this is the herald of a weekly release covering the 12 episodes of season one, or, if like the Prologue itself, this is a taster for an eventual dub to come.

Set in a new timeline in Gundam’s myriad continuities, Witch From Mercury Prologue is set a few decades before the events of the main series. In a world where humankind’s ascent into the stars is dominated by the capitalist might of a military industrial complex called the Benerit Group, Prologue covers the development of Gundam-type mecha, a controversial form of Mobile Suit that utilizes a potentially-dangerous pilot/suit interface to amp up its abilities. Also, there’s children doing war crimes!


The first season of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury is streaming in Japanese on Crunchyroll now, ahead of its second season debuting this April.

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