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Guy Builds Spider-Man's Web-Shooter Using an Electromagnetic Launcher

Since scientists have yet to figure out a formula for real-life human spiderwebs (c'mon, guys!), hardware hacker Patrick Priebe took matters into his own hands. But since he's limited by real-world constraints too, he instead engineered this wrist-worn electromagnetic miniature harpoon launcher.

In some ways, Priebe has one-upped Spidey. His rig includes laser targeting and since the harpoon remains connected to the launcher via a length of fishing line, you can even reel back in whatever you've snagged. You sadly won't be using it to swing from building to building, but it at least gives you some of Spider-Man's capabilities without all that superhero drama. [Laser Gadgets via Gizmag]


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This is more Scorpion then Spiderman