Guy Maps His Heart Rate During Game of Thrones Red Wedding Scene

If you somehow managed to magically avoid all hints at what happens during Game of Thrones' now-infamous Red Wedding scene, stop reading now. Because one man hooked himself up to an Arduino and PulseSensor to track his heart rate during the episode, and spoilers abound (kind of maybe if you have really good eyesight).


For the majority of the episode our friend over at Virostatiq seemed fine with a solid, steady flat line. Then towards the end, things start going awry. As far as we can tell, each major spike you see seems to correspond with (*spoilers*spoilers*SPOILERS*) the respective deaths of Rob, his wife, and mommy dearest in that final huge jump.


I offer no apology to those of you who disobeyed the spoiler warning—you had your chance. And to Virostatiq: we feel for you, pal. We really do. [Virostatiq via PopSci]

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