Guy Wins $1,000,000 For Pitching A Perfect Game...In A Videogame

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The folks at 2K Sports offered $1 million to the first person to pitch a perfect game in Major League Baseball 2K10—a supposedly difficult task. 24 hours after the game was released, they had to write a check.

Using Braves pitcher Kenshin Kawakami as his avatar, 24-year-old Alabama resident Wade McGilberry was able to complete his million dollar game in less than 90 minutes after returning home from work.


Great news for Wade because he recorded his attempts according to 2K Sports' rules, but not so great news for them because as "insurance companies couldn't possibly come up with the odds of throwing a perfect game, 2K Sports didn't take out insurance and now will pay McGilberry a lump sum of $1 million out of its own pocket." Oops. [CNBC via Sporting NewsThanks, Ezra Tenenbaum!]

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Howard Stern was interviewing the guy and his wife this morning. Uber-religious couple, very straight laced. They're tithing $100k to the church as soon as they get the check, apparently. Then paying off their house (only $40k left on the mortgage already; how awesome would that be at the ripe age of 24).

Side note: since it was Stern, he got to the juicy details, as well. They didn't do anything but kiss before getting married, and neither one masturbates. Just FYI.