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Hackers Hit Adult Furry Website, Exposing Hundreds of Thousands of Users

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The website for an adult furry game was hacked, with 411,000 unique email addresses and other personal information leaked, according to Have I Been Pwned’s Troy Hunt. The website hosted High Tail Hall, an interactive puzzle game “where you can have erotic encounters with the surrounding characters.”

The data breach reportedly happened in August of this year, and aside from emails, also included IP addresses, names, orders, and passwords cryptographically altered (salted SHA-1 and salted MD5 hashes) to make them harder for hackers to crack. According to the security and web team at HTH Studios, the company behind the website and game, no financial data was leaked in the breach.


HTH Studios noted on its website and in a Twitter screenshot that Hunt reached out to the team on Tuesday to inform them of the data breach that happened over the summer, and that the information from the breach showed up on “a popular hacking forum.”


In a public statement, the company noted that its website had been updated following the breach, in October. “We are using a MUCH more advanced and stable security system,” HTH Studios wrote, adding that it had “been in contact with security, developers, legal council and law enforcement.” The company ended its note urging every user to change their password “just to be safe.”

Adult websites, and the people who enjoy them, are common targets for hackers. A report published by researchers at Kaspersky Labs found 27 types of malware that infected around 50,000 PCs around the world—on adult websites alone—with over 300,000 of these incidents happening last year. And aside from going after people seeking out these types of websites, the websites themselves, like HTH Studios, are often targeted by bad actors. An xHamster security breach leaked the information for 380,000 users in 2016 and in the same year, AdultFriendFinder was hacked (again), exposing 412 million accounts. As the internet comes to our sex toys, those, too, are susceptible to hackers.