Hackers No Longer Work Weekends

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Hacking is a tiring occupation: all that time at a keyboard, staring at a screen, makes for a tired cyber criminal. Now, analysis of the frequency of malicious emails suggests that, over the last year, hackers have been taking more and more time off at weekends. Slackers.

In fact, hacking appears to be turning into somewhat of a routine profession. The busiest periods are mid-week, with attacks on Wednesday and Thursday accounting for more than four times the average of daily attacks. Meanwhile, attacks on Saturdays and Sundays barely scrape a third of the average, and the figure is consistently dropping.


While it's only a small cross-section of hacking activity and there will always be exceptions to the rule, it's a reminder that, behind that screen, hackers are real people, too. [Threat Post]

Image by eric.beasley under Creative Commons license