"Hackers" Respond To AT&T's iPad Security Breach Email

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Goatse Security, the "hackers" which AT&T blamed for the iPad security breach, have responded to the carrier's letter sent to the 114,000 customers affected, saying that had they not notified the media (Gawker), Chinese hackers would've done far worse.


Our sister site Gawker was alerted to the security issue last week by Goatse Security, who today wrote on their blog that:

"If not for our firm talking about the exploit to third parties who subsequently notified them, they would have never fixed it and it would likely be exploited by the RBN or the Chinese, or some other criminal organization or government (if it wasn't already)."

The security breach has been deemed so massive, that the FBI has waded in, labeling it as a "potential cyberthreat." The full letter, written by Goatse Security member Escher Auernheimer, can be viewed on their blog—and is an interesting read not just for individuals whose email addresses were compromised, but for anyone who has the slightest interest in their own personal security in this digital age. [Goatse Security]


I received my AT&T's apology letter today. I read it in detail, and then I read the Goatse Security posting.

1st thoughts: Ok, I'm going to get more spam. (Sigh). As I mentioned before, I hate AT&T for so many other reasons, that I'm not loosing any sleep over this one.

Further thoughts: Goatse needs someone else to write their responses. They tried to state that with the breach someone find out the location, but I didn't understand anything they were trying to say, so I read the link they provided to eWeek. There is the potential (thought it was not done, as it would take a lot more equipment, time, and money) to actually get a location. Now, that didn't happen - but it could have. So many Goatse isn't has bad as we all initially thought.

But I gotta say, there are some real comment winners on their blog:

AT&T’s shitty servicing and high pricing should be more than enough proof that they hate America and the values of freedom, free market, and service to God it stands for.