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Hackers Steal $72 Million in Bitcoin From Hong Kong Exchange

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

Hong Kong bitcoin exchange Bitfinex reported yesterday that hackers had stolen 119,756 bitcoin, which is worth as much as $72 million dollars (with some reports going even higher). News of the hack sent bitcoin tumbling 23 percent, with its current value hovering around $556. Bitfinex confirmed that no other digital currency except bitcoin was targeted in the hack.


Seeing as Bitfinex is the world’s largest dollar-based exchange for bitcoin, the hack represents one of the biggest thefts, rivaled only other big security lapses like the Mt. Gox hack in early 2015. Although there have been several bitcoin hacks littered in between, few have produced such volatility in the market as the Bitfinex breach. Although its too early to know exactly how Bitfinex was compromised, The Next Web reports that the exchange stored no bitcoin in cold storage (aka offline), meaning users had to secure their own wallets. This could have made Bitfinex an appealing target.

Of course, a bitcoin hack is a little bit different than your standard digital bank heist. While traditional banks can trace and reverse transactions, one of bitcoin’s primary reasons for existing is its relative anonymity and irreversibility. But that also means that people like reddit user nukumu, who says lost 12 years of life savings in the hack, could be shit out of luck.


Bitfinex did say in its original statement that the exchanger will “look at the various options to address customer losses” as the investigation continues. Although there are various theories on how that might work, Cornell computer science professor Emin Gün Sirer suggests in a blog post that implementing a complex “secure vault” system could help safeguard against these kinds of hacks.

We still don’t know exactly how the exchange will address losses. But for the numerous people who woke up today in financial ruin, let’s hope a fix comes soon.

Update: Bitfinex says that they will go ahead with the plan to equally distribute losses among users, which drains about 36 percent of all accounts. In replace of those losses, Bitfinex will give users a special currency that will eventually be redeemable for the full money amount of can be used for stake in Bitfinex’s holding company.

[Bitfinex via Reuters]


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We still don’t know exactly how the exchange will address losses.

Sure we do, like this...