Halley's Comet, Or Why We Need Photographs

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We say pictures can't replace memories, but when Halley's Comet last swooped across the sky, many of us were too young to care. Our next chance to see it—about 50 years from now—will be probably be our last.

What do we do when pictures of events we barely recall are all we have?

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Memory [Forever] is our week-long consideration of what it really means when our memories, encoded in bits, flow in a million directions, and might truly live forever.

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Meh. The way I see it I am the combination of countless numbers of atoms who have existed since the dawning of the universe, and these atoms will transition through me throughout my entire life, and so in essence I and every other living being in the universe is merely a transitionary object. So in that sense, life as myself is only a small portion of my atomic existence. When I'm dead, I'll still be around, I'll just be fractured in my form. Every day cells in my body die, but I do not grieve for them.