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io9's Halloween Costume Show Week 2: All Outta Bubblegum

Check out this week's costumes and don't forget to submit your own in the comments.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Leroy as Nada
Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo

It’s week two of io9's annual costume show and we’re getting into the Halloween spirit of things with some throwbacks and four-legged cult hit looks. Special thanks to all our comment submissions who are helping us kick into gear for spooky time. We’ve also got a couple editorial team submissions thanks to our furchildren.

If you’re reading this and aren’t clued in yet, this is the spot to get some great Halloween costume and cosplay ideas. All you have to do is leave a photo in the comments below from a past favorite look you want to show off from costume parties or even that epic cosplay you made for a con this year. We even have a slideshow of some of this year’s best pop culture costumes to check out if you need some ideas.


And now here are the submissions thus far:

They Live

leroy they live
Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo

Leroy as Nada next to an “OBEY” pumpkin in his best shades.


Knightmare Batman and Apocalypse Robin
Photo: Mike

Husband and wife team up as Knightmare Batman and Apocalypse Robin.

Donnie Darko

Frank the bunny donnie darko
Photo: discojoe

Frank the Bunny makes a friend.

Evil Dead

evil dead deadite
Photo: Vivli

Awesome to see some Ash vs. Evil Dead and Evil Dead: The Game representation for Eligos.

A24 Family

Midsommar and The Lighthouse costumes
Photo: Sabina Graves/Gizmodo

And here’s a throwback to a costume of my own from a past Halloween party where I was Dani from Midsommar while my husband and pup were the main characters from The Lighthouse.

Show us what you’ve got in the comments! And don’t forget, as always: please post pictures of yourself (and only yourself), and tell us who you are, what you’re dressed as, and a little bit about how you put your costume together.


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