Handmade Portable Gamecube Sports Dangerous Buzz Saw Disc Drive

Imagine if you'd spent the last 90 hours of TV watching doing something more productive. Could you have built this lovable-but-treacherous portable Gamecube? (Probably not, so don't quit your current "hobby.")

Loading stock discs from a wickedly exposed spinning disc drive on the back of the device, this "Gamecube" is ironically constructed from almost everything but the charming purple box. Inside this body, you'll find a Datamax Kid's Delight, Dreamcast Quantam Fighterpad, Wii Classic controller (3rd Party), and most of the components from the PSOne portable screen.


It's all fun and games until one particularly dexterous jump in Super Mario Sunshine costs someone a finger. [benheck forums via Engadget]

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