Hands On Canon's Other New Digital Cameras: Man, the G11 Is Huge

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Here's the rest of Canon's new army of cameras—they don't do anything crazy, like project baby photos or have an LCD up front take pictures of yourself, but they're not too shabby. The G11 is ginormous, though.

The G11's vari-angle screen seems plenty bright, but it makes an already huge camera even huger when it's all splayed out like a tumor growth. It's heavy too. And complicated. Look at all those dials!


The SD980's touchscreen is responsive enough, but the interface is confusing—sometimes it's touchable, sometimes it's not. And it uses strange drag gestures, like in playback mode, you hold down for a second, then slowly swipe down, which brings up options to the left or right—swipe left to delete or swipe right for another feature. Confusing and weird. If you're gonna go touch, go all the way.