Hands On: The Geneva Sound System Model S is Motorized

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We got a chance to experience Geneva's new Model S iPod/iPhone audio system today. It's sublime. The best part? You can actually afford it (probably).


Geneva has been combining killer industrial design with solid audio quality for awhile now but their new Model S marks their first foray in to the mainstream (read: relatively inexpensive) audio market. It's pretty clear that Geneva paid attention to details with the Model S. When not in use the dock is protected inside the cabinet and only flips up when needed. If Geneva made any compromises in the manufacturing process from their high end lines, I couldn't really detect them.

I've never been a fan of touch-sensitive buttons, but they work on the Model S. To activate the alarm's snooze all uses have to do is touch, or in my case slap, any one of the controls. The system will retail for $299 at Apple Stores later this month.

I was able to chat with Geneva's Managing Director, George Emerson, who said the goal of the Model S was to "bring HiFi to the iPod clock radio". They succeeded.

• Two 3" full range speakers
• Two bass ports with dynamic loudness
• Two Class D digital amplifiers - extremely efficient, low consumption
• Digital radio
• Digital clock with alarm program
• EmbracingSound DSP restores and improves compressed music files
• PowerDock for iPod/iPhone connection and protection
•TouchLight controls - backlit, touch-sensitive
• Line-in jack for external audio



Sam Packard

$299 for iPod speakers? Anyone who is that much of a fool deserves to be robbed of $299. Spend that $299 towards a good set of computer speakers, headphones, or towards a real stereo setup.