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HandSteady Drink Stabilizer

Illustration for article titled HandSteady Drink Stabilizer

The handSteady is a cupholder design by Chris Peacock that allows users with hand tremors to be able to drink from a glass without dropping or spilling. Already winning design awards, the cup-holder has a shock-absorbing mount that cushions and lessens the shaking and helps hold the glass upright.


The manufacturers are aiming for a 2008 launch, to the delight of people who suffer from said tremors.

Product Page [handSteady via Popgadget]

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If you have drank enough coffee to warrant the use of this device then you need to organize your friends for a caffeine intervention. No, I do not mean Mr. Bobo or the Velveteen Ocelot, I was referring to that one co-worker who actually listens to you until you have to take a breath. Go find him now and have him pry the mug from you hand.