Hang Up On That Driver

The discussion about graphic PSAs tends to get muddled with evaluations about whether or not the manner in which the idea is conveyed is appropriate or not, losing sight of the idea itself. So let's not do that!

The onus is obviously on drivers not to be on a phone or otherwise distracted while driving a car, but these PSAs, published by the Bangalore Traffic Police, make a point worth thinking about: Can you be against talking on the phone while driving while enabling the act? Are you in any way culpable for injury or death if the person you were talking to caused it as a result your conversation?

An argument could be made that you're not, but I like to think these ads avoid posing that question directly. With imagery like this, they transport you directly into the pictured listener's shoes, from which you decide whether or not it was your fault. So, was it? Exactly. [Copyranter]

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